Thursday, June 11, 2015

Techie Brekkie

We had an awesome first Techie Brekkie this morning. This was an opportunity to share what we have been learning and how to use the Chromebook with our parents.  


  1. What a fantastic turnout at this morning's techie brekkie! Our hosts did a great job of providing food and drink. Well done everyone - including Miss Weaver and Mr Scott!

  2. Thank you to all the parents that attended this morning - we hope you found it informative.

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  4. I like what i did at techie brekkie!!! on the chromebooks and i liked showing some of the people.
    some our work we did at school on the chromebooks and it was so very fun on the chromebooks
    and what we did on the chromebooks is doing my learning goals sensetser on chromebooks.