Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our rebuild has begun!

Well not much has happened yet, but watch this space! The old Oscar building is being demolished to make way for our schools new car park.  We will keep you updated with photos. 

Spectrum Art Exhibition

Today we went on our first Trekkers trip of 2016.  We went and looked at the Spectrum Street Art exhibition at the YMCA.  Check out these pictures!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mrs Mclachlan Waitangi weekend quiz

I had a lovely weekend away with my Mum, Dad and Sister. I wonder if you can find the answers to the clues about different places I visited. Reckon you know the answers? I'll have a prize for the first person to identify all the pictures!

On Friday night I travelled over this pass. I drove south from Christchurch but it took me a long time to get to this pass. The grass is very dry here. Any idea of what pass I drove over?

I stayed in an old farm house around these hills. A few years ago a very famous sheep named Shreak was found in these hills. He hadn't had a hair cut in years and was blind because his eyes were covered in thick wool! Any ideas where I stayed?

Close to where I was staying I got to see these giant fruit! I went to one of the local orchards and bought heaps of yummy summer fruit. Anyone know what town this is in?

Around the farm house I saw lots of these birds. I think this one is a male because of his black plume on his head. They aren't a native bird to New Zealand and are called the California _______? What is the name of this plump wee bird?

On the way home I took a bit of a detour and went to this famous lake that is overlooked by Mount Aspiring. The town is very close to ski fields like Cardrona and a cool place that has a giant maze! I know at least one person in our class went here in the holidays. What lake did I visit on the way home?

On my drive home I was able to see this famous landmark because it was such a clear day. Even though it's summer it still has snow on it. What is the name of this famous NZ landmark?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It better work, it better work!

Today we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Sue, Elgrego and their neat bunch of birds visited HPS. Kaydin was also picked to come up and help Elgrego with a magic trick!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the 2016 school year! We started the day with a welcome for our new students. We are pleased to welcome Ramco, Axle and Sharney. 

The first job in Ako Ngatahi was to arrange how the classroom will look. All the furniture was sitting outside and we had to plan where everything would go. We found that we worked best when we communicated out ideas carefully and all participated. We also needed to decide if where we put things would work well and made changes if we thought we could improve things. Working together to move the big things was important too. We think the room is looking pretty good!