Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mrs Mclachlan Waitangi weekend quiz

I had a lovely weekend away with my Mum, Dad and Sister. I wonder if you can find the answers to the clues about different places I visited. Reckon you know the answers? I'll have a prize for the first person to identify all the pictures!

On Friday night I travelled over this pass. I drove south from Christchurch but it took me a long time to get to this pass. The grass is very dry here. Any idea of what pass I drove over?

I stayed in an old farm house around these hills. A few years ago a very famous sheep named Shreak was found in these hills. He hadn't had a hair cut in years and was blind because his eyes were covered in thick wool! Any ideas where I stayed?

Close to where I was staying I got to see these giant fruit! I went to one of the local orchards and bought heaps of yummy summer fruit. Anyone know what town this is in?

Around the farm house I saw lots of these birds. I think this one is a male because of his black plume on his head. They aren't a native bird to New Zealand and are called the California _______? What is the name of this plump wee bird?

On the way home I took a bit of a detour and went to this famous lake that is overlooked by Mount Aspiring. The town is very close to ski fields like Cardrona and a cool place that has a giant maze! I know at least one person in our class went here in the holidays. What lake did I visit on the way home?

On my drive home I was able to see this famous landmark because it was such a clear day. Even though it's summer it still has snow on it. What is the name of this famous NZ landmark?


  1. I think 1 is Lindis Pass , I think 2 is Bendigo Station , I think 3 is Cromwell , I think 4 is California Quail , I think 5 is Lake Tekapo , and 6 is Mt. cook.

  2. Nice try Zayd! Lyan and Sharlisa were the first people to get the correct answers. Picture 1 Lindis pass, picture 2, Bendigo station, picture 3 Cromwell, picture 4 California Quail, Picture 5 Lake Wanaka and picture 6 is Mt Cook.