Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Maths looks like in Ako Ngatahi.

Did maths look like this when you were at School? (Parent/ Caregivers)

Collaboration is a key part of our learning in Ako Ngatahi.  The children are encouraged to work with others to discuss their learning (Learning Conversations).   But children also can work independently depending on what the task involves. We are all teachers and learners in Ako Ngatahi and it makes us feel awesome when we can teach others how to do something.
As you can see pen and paper are still important part of learning in maths and they can work nicely with our digital technologies.


  1. No. This days technology is more helpful so they can very quickly.

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  3. no there was no technology like there is now, and im sure it was a lot easier too :)

  4. There is nothing like this in my school times. Maths and also other subjects is a sit and listen to the teacher only and work quietly by your own. You are allowed to ask questions and talk to your school mates or teacher in a different time outside of school hours for help and discussion - George (Siaosi Kei)