Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stories from Mrs Day's Group.

Jsis and His Brothers New Rocket and Robot

Once upon a time a boy named Jsis and his family came from another world.  His older brother gave him a big favourite rocket.  It was a remote controller one.  He said to his brother, “thank you for the big new rocket”. When his older brother went home he opened the new box.  Then he took out the new remote controller and the big new rocket.  He put new batteries in the big new rocket, then, he turned the big new rocket on.  He took out the new remote controller, then, he turned on the new remote controller.   When he was flying his favourite rocket he saw an unidentified flying object go past the window.  He went outside then he saw aliens come to get his new rocket.  He went back inside and got his old rocket and he got the old remote controller. He went back outside.  He turned his old rocket on.  He turned on the old remote controller.  He fought with old aliens.  The new rocket punched all the old aliens. Then the earth was safe.  Next morning Jsis older brother came to play with his little sister.  They played with Jsis new rocket and Jsis older brother brought his own new robot.  Jsis older brother was very happy to play with her.  Jsis older brought a new alien robot. She liked her brother’s new alien robot she asked for new alien robot of her own.

By Ranit

Bella’s  New  Friend
A long, long time ago a young girl named Bella was living outside a small village near a hummongus med-evil castle. There was a shallow lake near the terrifying med-evil castle it was dark inside of the castle Bella couldn’t cross the shallow water.  
She came to the village and saw a really, really big and young woman.  She went to Bella, Bella said to the woman, “I need your help to cross the shallow water “.  The woman said “ok.”  The woman said, “My name is Holly.”  She was strong and heavy.
They helped each other. Holly got Bella, she threw Bella into the med-evil castle.  It was dark and dusty inside the castle, Bella said, “You should come here.“  Holly crossed the shallow water when the alarm suddenly rang, it was noisy.  Holly quickly ran into the med-evil castle.  Bella looked at every room.  Bella said “This is where I lived before.“
Holly was surprised about what Bella said.  Bella couldn’t stop crying about her mother.  Holly hugged her.  Bella stood up and turned off the alarm.  Bella went to her own room it was dusty and full of colour and especially toys.  Holly shouted “Bella its afternoon I have to go.”  “Ok,” said Bella.  Bella opened the locked door.  Holly ran as fast as she could out of the dirty shallow water. Holy said “Good bye Bella, I will see you tomorrow morning near the shallow water.“ Bella said, “Bye, I will also see you there.”  
Bella went to her bedroom and cleaned up the mess. Later that night Bella went to the warm cosy kitchen to eat. Bella baked some pumpkin pies. The next day Bella turned on the alarm to call Holy. Holy quickly ran into the med-evil castle Bella turned off the alarm. Bella went to cross the shallow water but the water was getting higher and higher.  Holy grabbed Bella’s hand and pulled it to save her. Bella couldn’t thank Holly about it. Holly threw Bella into the med-evil castle again Bella found that there was a draw bridge. Holly thanked Bella. They lived in the med-devil castle together.
By Lyan                                   

Daphne Day

Sep 11
to me
My War with the Robots
Three months ago I was sleeping.  I heard a loud noise and I saw an UFO.  A robot landed on my home and made my home dirty.  The big robot started cleaning. The big robot became my favourite robot.
He put an old rocket launcher under the blue carpet.  The old rocket launcher came out from the blue carpet. The big robot put me on the old rocket launcher. It fired me out like I was a new UFO. The robot sat beside me.  It broke my new home.
 It took me to the moon.  There was no gravity.  I was flying around the moon.  But the big robot didn’t fly. There were some scary dragons.  A scary dragon put me up on his head. It took me to the big robot’s home.  The big robot came by running under the scary dragons. 
I gave the scary dragon some food but the big robot didn’t give him food.  After two days the scary dragon became my pet. There were some people.  The scary dragon took me to the people’s new home. They helped me.  
After a day, they made a plan to go and kill the big robots. We killed the big robots.  I went to a big hole.  There all the big robots dead, but the big caption didn’t die. 
The hole took me to his smelly lab.  I made an icy chemical. If I put that icy chemical on his head, he would be dead.  I made a plan with the people to make him dead.  The next day I was going to the smelly lab.  He was in his smelly lab. He put the small key on his old door.  That small key was on his big table.  I got the small key.  I opened the old door.  He said “who is that? “  He saw my icy chemical.  He said “What?”  He threw the icy chemical out of my hand. 
He took me to the Mars, by the old rocket launcher.  There the robots were even bigger than the other big robots. There were no place to sit.  The scary dragon came back to save me. 
He put me on his big head and he started to throw hot fire. The big robots died.  But there were two scary captions of the big robots.  The scary dragon put me on his big head and just flew round and round all the night. 
The two scary captions went back to the moon to kill me and the scary dragon.  They chased us for a month.  They went back to Mars.  They went to the robots big caption’s den.  They had a sleep.  When they were sleeping.  I went and I killed them.  It was night so I just slept there.  In the morning I went back to Earth. 

By   Samyog Gaire         

The Tricky Robot.

Once upon a time there live a boy.  His name is Tyron. He loved rocket launchers.  One day his mother bought him a big rocket launcher.  It had a gigantic rocket. Tyron was so happy that he ran to the rocket and there was something special inside the rocket.  Then a robot came out of the big rocket launcher.  It was friendly and it was big.  The friendly robot was his favourite friend. One day the robot went inside the rocket and the big rocket flew into the sky.  Everybody was wondering what’s inside the rocket.  Everybody was scared.  The robot was flying in the sky, everybody thought it was a UFO.  Then everybody was scared because it was coming down.  The big robot was not friendly he was just pretending.  After that the robot started to destroy the big city and everybody was trying to stop it.  But they could not destroy the big robot because he was strong.  They tried to shoot him with the gun but they couldn’t. Then they started to bring out big green tanks and machine guns and big bombs and some other shot guns. Finally they killed the robot and Tyron was so sad that he ran back home. 

By Maretino.

It was Just a Dream

Last night I was about to go to sleep.  I saw a big present. There was a small note on it.  It said, “From Mum.”  I opened the present.  I saw a rocket launcher robot dragon. My robot dragon was scary.  It had laser beam eyes.  It was speeding around our old house.  Then it got lost and I said, “Come back, my robot dragon.”  It came back.  It can save baby animals.  Sometimes it gets bigger and smaller.  It glows blue at night.  When I have lost something my robot dragon goes and finds it.  It breathes fake yellow and orange fire.  It even listens to what I say.  If I say, “Bring me a cup of water,” it brings me a cup of water. It can dig deep with its sharp claws. It has camouflage.  It is my favourite robot in the universe. That robot dragon was in a new movie. My family went to watch the Robot save the world from a UFO. I woke up I said, “I hope I dream it again.”
By Blessing


  1. Good job Samyog, Lyan, Blessing, Maretino and Ranit.

  2. Was having a look at your blog site today and found these stories. All of you worked very hard on your stories, finding the nouns and adding great adjectives to make the stories more interesting. Now your teachers will be expecting you to use more adjectives in class!
    Keep writing great stories, I will be coming to your classroom to read them.