Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jaxon's facts about the Black Widow Spider

Hover over the picture and tags to find out what Jaxon learnt about Black Widow Spiders. This presentation was made using a website called 'thinglink'.


  1. I really like your poster about black widow spiders Jaxon I did not know that the black widow spiders silk is the strongest.

  2. Jaxon I really like your facts because it's about spiders and I like spiders!

  3. What great facts you have here, I did not realise a Black Widow can lay 400 eggs at a time. Why is she called a 'Black Widow'?

    1. Hi Mr Maddren I dont know why Black Widows are called Black Widow Im about to research here is the answer = It is the tendency to inflict on themselves widowhood that has won for the entire species the name black widow spider.

  4. Hi my name is Aryan I come from tautoro school Room 5 I cant believe
    that the Black Widow spider can lay 400 eggs a day you guys learn very well blog you later

  5. Kia Ora, I´m Kaleb from Grey Main School. That was some good work. I learnt lots about the black widow from looking at this. How much did you know about the black widow spider before you did this research? I can´t believe that one black widow spider can lay up to 400 eggs at a time. Bye

  6. Kia ora, I'm Anna from Grey Main School. I never knew that the black widow can lay 400 eyes at once. Also good work Jaxon and great facts. I wonder why the black widow is called black widow, do you know? Keep the great work up.
    Tofa Anna.