Thursday, September 3, 2015

Woof, woof, here comes Indy!

Today Indy and her owner came to Hornby Primary to teach us about dog safety and the role of the Animal Control section of the Christchurch City Council. We learnt that if we see a dog on its own we need to leave it alone. We learnt how to behaviour around a dog we weren't sure of and ways to protect ourselves if need be. Before patting a dog you should ask the owners permission and wait for them to reply. We also learnt the best place to pat a dog is on it's chest with a gentle fist.


  1. It was fun being there. Now I know what to do when a dog try's to bite me. By Josef

  2. When we were there we learn't that if we see a dog on the street and it's looking at you then we take our bags off and we use it as a sheared for it to bit on-Tehya